Whole Home Remodeling

Have you made small remodels over the years to your home over the years that just aren't enough? Or maybe you have not made a single to your home since you become a homeowner. No matter the condition of your home, if the time has come and you are ready for a whole home remodeling, contact our team of professionals at Basement Technologies Construction that specialize in home remodels. We will evaluate your current home and create a design for a whole-home remodel that will fit your budget and maximize your space. Our home remodels consist of basements, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, garage, additions, and anything in between. Learn how we can bring your home into the 21st century.

Our Goal Is To Make Your Life Easier

Before we begin any whole home remodeling project we get to know you and how you use your space. We want to understand your personality and the functionality you require in your home on a daily basis. We will work closely with you to create a floor plan for your home that fits how you specifically use it. Additionally, we will focus on the flow of the space and incorporate new design features that will make your daily life easier, which in turn will lift your spirit.

Itemized Budgets = No Surprises

Often times, we find that clients are hesitant to begin a whole home remodel due to their budget. When you work with our team at Basement Technologies Construction our thorough design approach allows us to create an itemized budget and construction schedule prior to completing any work. This gives us the capability to reduce headaches due to unforeseen circumstances down the road. The industry standard rate for change in orders is around 15%. Our rate for change in orders is below 3%. A typical whole home remodel with our team will cost $80,000 to $300,000.

Whole Home Remodeling With Basement Technologies Construction

Basement Technologies Construction is your one-stop-shop for whole home remodeling and waterproofing products and services. We have customized on-site solutions to address all the unique scenarios your home presents in construction, wall types, foundations, and footing configurations. Basement Technologies Construction was founded with enormous dedication and continues to be at the top of the basement waterproofing industry for more than 30 years. Located 15 miles outside of Boston in Canton, MA, our team is consistently recognized as a global leader in the basement waterproofing industry. When you are ready to begin your whole home remodeling project call 1-800-BUSYDOG to get started.

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