Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you are just moving into your home or have lived there for years, a kitchen remodel is typically one of the best investments you can make in your home. When looking at resale value, many homeowners recouped at least the full amount of the cost of the remodel, if not more. However, a kitchen remodel is not just for the potential buyer; many take the plunge because they want a larger kitchen area for cooking and/or entertaining. Having lots of counter space, more pantry room, new appliances, and more is the perfect way to upgrade your kitchen!

Enjoy Your Space

For those that love to cook, have a large family, or entertain often, a kitchen remodel is a great investment. If you purchased an older home, the chances are the kitchen is small, or at least lacking in counter space. When you are in the kitchen often, you will want to have new appliances, and lots of room to cook and entertain. For many New England homes, a kitchen remodel is a must if you want to be able to fit more than just a couple of people in the room. Kitchen remodels can range from small to large, so whatever your home needs, Basement Technologies Construction can provide.

The Resale Value

Though many remodel their kitchen for their own personal use, you will also be glad you took the plunge when and if you decide to sell your home. With any remodel, potential buyers want to be able to see the improvements, which is why a kitchen remodel is often a good investment. Buyers can see new appliances, granite countertops, hardwood floors, etc., and feel confident that they will not have to replace these items anytime soon. Homeowners in New England have seen up to a 182% return on their kitchen remodel. Buyers are willing to pay more if the work is already done for them, especially if they like the décor and flooring choices.