How To Waterproof Your Basement

Published on May 5th, 2022

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to waterproof any parts of your home, because water just wouldn’t find its way in! However, in the real world, your dream home can turn into a money pit if you’re not careful. Without proper waterproofing, you may need to replace your roof, furnace, windows, and more. The most likely occurrence of flooding is in your basement, which is why you need to turn to Basement Technologies!

As your waterproofing basement MA specialist, our experts can help you make sure your basement stays dry all year long, so you don’t have to add a huge repair bill to your list. Whether you want to use your basement to build a craft room, laundry room, a bar, or just for extra storage, a dry basement is a happy basement, and makes for a happy homeowner.

Though you will want to turn to a technician for actual waterproofing services, here are some simple tips on how to help avoid costly repairs due to flooding:

  • Check the outside perimeter: Check the ground around your foundation and make sure it slopes away from your house. If it slopes toward your house, there is a greater chance of water getting in after a rainfall. To fix the problem, add dirt to add to the slope around your foundation.
  • Clean your gutters: Leaves and debris can clog your eaves troughs and gutters, and that can cause water to seep into your foundation. Clean your gutters and clear them of debris regularly, particularly in the fall and spring. Also, make sure the spouts are well away from the foundation and not pooling near it.
  • Don’t plant shrubs or trees near your foundation: This can cause plenty of problems in the future, as roots take hold and crack your foundation. Plant them at least a couple of feet away so that the roots can grow away from the house.
  • Use a waterproofer not a water sealer: When you use a waterproofer it will expand and as it dries, it becomes part of the wall. This is proven to be a more effective (and more affordable) method of protecting your basement from leaks.

These tips will help to ensure that your waterproofing solution stays a solution! Contact Basement Technologies for a free estimate today.