Basement Drainage: 4 Scenarios

Published on June 5th, 2022

After much analysis, experts have determined that the shallow depth interior sub-floor system is the most reliable and effective basement waterproofing solution in a post-construction setting.

The second most reliable system is the interior pipe and stone system. However, this system has inherent problems due to the fact that it can under-excavate the foundation wall by sucking dirt into the system creating a potential clog. These types of systems also pump out more water than is necessary.

In determining the top two ways to resolve a basement waterproofing problem, the question is asked – “What do we do after we gather the water that is threatening the floor? Where do we put it?”

Common Ways to Drain Water that Threatens the Basement Floor

1. A gravity fed drain to the exterior – A problem with the gravity fed drain to the exterior is that it involves digging underneath the footing and continuing at a greater depth to pitch the pipe to an area where the pipe will meet air. This scenario involves a house being on a hill and is not a desirable option.

2. Draining to a drywell on the exterior – the problem with this method is possible saturation causing a back-up. This back-up could cause more problems on the interior of the home than you had before you tried to solve the problem.

3. Draining to a sewer drain underneath the floor – in most states, this is not a legal option and extreme caution should be used. Back-up sewerage into the sub-floor area is a possibility which makes this a very unrealistic and undesirable option.

4. Sump pumps – the most realistic and successful method for draining the water from the basement area is to utilize a sump pump. There are many varieties of sump pumps. The best sump pump is one with a sealed lid that pumps to the exterior. The exit point is through the band board (where the first floor joists are situated) to the outside – straight down to a Freeze Stop and then to a 4” pipe and out onto the lawn or to an area where the water can be pumped without causing further disruption to the landscape.

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