Battery Backups

Battery Backups

If you lose power to your sump pump, water will leak into your basement, leading to catastrophic results. At 1-800-Busy Dog Basement Technologies, we recommend installing a battery backup system or a generator for your home to enhance your basement waterproofing system.

A battery backup will prevent flooding if your sump pump loses power. A battery backup is also an affordable way to prevent extra cost from the repair of flood damage and water removal.

Primary sump pumps can fail for many reasons including power failure, a blown fuse, or a clogged intake pipe. The older a sump pump is the more likely it is to run into problems. If your sump pump is ten years or older, consider replacing it. Strong storms can result in power outages which will render your sump pump useless. If these types of storms occur annually in your area, a battery backup will save you money and put your mind at ease.

Low Maintenance, Quick Setup Battery Backups

Battery backups are easy to install and don't require a lot of maintenance. Only the battery water levels and terminals must be checked regularly. The battery you choose will be largely dependent on the size of your basement. Keep in mind that a battery can run out before the storm is over. Batteries of different capacities are available to best serve your needs.

Advances in battery backups over the years mean the battery can now warn homeowners when danger is present or when maintenance is required. The most advanced backups can even text or email you when there is a problem.

The battery backup or redundant pump generator is built to provide power for four to six hours when power is lost as a result of a storm. However, some homes already have a generator system that will provide backup power for much longer periods of time. We suggest a whole home generator, which is typically the best option.

When deciding if a battery backup is right for you, consider how valuable the contents of your basement are. Is your basement completely empty, or full of valuable objects? Finished basements that are ruined can cost the homeowner a lot of money. Rather than paying to have everything replaced or fixed, invest money upfront to make sure your basement is safe.

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